CXVI Imperial Legion

116th Imperial Legion we resemble our Legion in ESO and now on this game too. Just make sure if you are interested in join to download the imperial skins so you can be apart.

Electric Green Warrior

My first creation on Craft Warriors! The Electric Green Warrior!

Thug Clown

The Thug Clown is ready for a brawl. His gold jewelry makes him look good while he puts on that beat down.

Happy Rainbow Hair Clown

The happy rainbow hair clown is the second clown i created. He seems happy but he is ready to fight with a smile on his face.

Psycho Clown

One of my clown creations. The top hat psycho clown.

Another Pool

there are many who make deadpool craft but, this is my craft ,this is my version of deadpool . enjoy 😀

The Happy Clown

The first clown i made. He is the red head happy clown. Don’t be fooled by his smile, he is ready to fight for a victory.

Charllote Katakuri Is Coming!!! Mochi Mochi!!

Here is my craft. I like katakuri so much . He is so cool af.

Craft Warriors Unit Stats

Thanks to FleurDeMur on the Craft Warriors Discord for creating this awesome guide. This spreadsheet covers Craft Warriors Unit Stats for effective HP, Damage per attack with critical damage, and DPS vs non-preferred targets. Be sure to use the tabs at the bottom of the Google Doc to […]

Asakura Clan

Asakura Clan is recruiting! Clearing 25k total trophys in Season 2, we are looking for active players of level 8+ to join the clan. We will require participation in any up-coming clan events, and i encourage you to collect as many trophy’s each season. This clan will be […]

Wandering Samurai

I went for a more raggedy, wandering ronin type of creation to go along with all of the other samurai I have made.

Masked ninja

Worked really hard on this but it doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves, if you could be so kind to help like it so it at least gets into today’s trends, from that point it should take care of itself.

Gaara of the Sands

Gaara of the Sands from the Naruto Series 🙂 Hope you guys like it.

Vongola Decimo ~ Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada on Hyper Dying Will Mode ( Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ) ps. i recommend you guys to see that anime, t’was pretty good ^-^